The rainy season is almost upon us. Everybody loves to be in a safe and warm  place and pests most likely would want to get out of their shells and find somewhere safe. That “safe” place is your home because they get to see dry areas with lots of moisture and food.

If waste is not managed properly during the rainy season, it may result in devastating effects which include water pollution, which subsequently leads to water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid . mismanagement of waste can result in the blockage of storm drains which in turn cause flash floods, especially in urban areas. Storm drains are designed to channel excess rain and groundwater from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks, and roofs. If waste is not properly managed, it will be washed away into these drains and block it such that it will not perform its function to the maximum. As a result, when rain falls, there will be flash floods as a result of poor drainage.

Tips for a safer waste management

1. Place all litter in a bin._Do not throw litter out of vehicles but rather have a trash bag into which you can place all your waste awaiting safe disposal in a bin.

2. Avoid dumping waste at street corners, open spaces and sanitary lanes.

3. Separate waste at source. Compost the biodegradable waste and use the product in your vegetable gardens, flower beds or for sell. Get a quote  on our website for collection of recyclables such as plastic, paper, metals and bottles.

4. Participate in anti-litter activities such as clean up campaigns, in your areas.

5. Do not forget to segregate correctly, and to always clear away wastes from your home at the end of the day. _No matter how busy you are, make sure that your home is free and clear of garbage every day because this allows your home to control pests wanting to come into your household. If you keep trash in your home, do not be surprised if rodents, bug, and insects come running into your home for safety and shelter.

Whether the trash is outside or inside your home, it will be a pain to get rid of pests once they start invading these areas. You need to manage your garbage correctly and fix all leaks, so pests do not end up invading your home. If pests have started invading your home, get our  pest control services today  to keep things in control in the soonest possible time.